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2005-09-11 14:38:29 (UTC)

Our last summer!


so thats it summers almost officially over! jus
wana say thanx 2 the girls an that 4 gettin ma card an
fanx 2 evry1 that signed it, means a lot 2 me! lol Neways
that woz ma last wknd 4 a while neways an oooft it woz
goooood! keris party on fri nite woz a laugh an then went
2 cassels bit 4 a wee party wiv the lads lol b4 fallin bk
in2 keris hoose at bout half 4! lol soz chic! sat nite jus
went bk up 2 straven finkin id hav a wee quiet cheerio
drink wiv evry1 but the star woz jumpin last nite 4 sum
reason -relly uz all jus wanted 2 come c me! lol by
closing time i woz ready 4 goin 2 the aftr parties but
ummm...cheza had other ideas lol she woz
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo steaming it woz unreal
took us an hr 2 carry hur up the road! she fell a few
times dragged us down wiv hur wen i got hur up the road
she managed 2 spill the crisps she woz eatin but it
woz 'okay dot, ill jus eat them off the floor' lmao! then
all ur random fone calls! till abt 4 in the mornin!hee hee
funniest 1 woz wen she foned wilkie 2 say 'ma nose is in
the juice'- lol (soz chez but ur actually a legend!)

ah man im gona miss u guys so much...x
this mornin while we were sittin havin a munch we were
talkin abt all the crazeee shit we'v dun over summer an
how sum fings jus totally stick out in our minds
like...goin 2 ayr 4 the day jus 2 sit in wetherspoons! lol
gettin a limo 4 nics bday gettin in at bout 4 an havin 2
get up 4 work at like 7!... passin out in the toilets in
hamilton! lol erm me an laurens wee trips 2 the palace.
random nites wen u jus dont go home or end up in airdrie
or broken down on the motorway! gettin lost in glasgow an
havin 2 b escorted out by the police! lol...the list is
endless! i jus hope i meet nuw friends in aberdeen that r
half as kool as u guys! *wipes a wee tear* lol

neways ill catch u'z all soon...ya wont b able 2 get rid
of me that easy! :P

*we all sit round here in our home town its so good like
this these r times we'll miss the memories i hope will
nevr fade*

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