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2005-09-10 23:28:44 (UTC)

XC meet at L.W.P

The meet went ok we got there and it was pouring down
rain. We jogged the course. Did drills. And hung out. Then
the open started. And there was a ton of people. My dad
was the first marker so he was there earlier than I was.
Isaac/Izzy finished third of the guys and out of everyone.
Carly finished 3 out of girls. Then the relay started. Our
first runner, Stephanie, left but never came back so they
just sent our second runner, Brenna(Freshman), off. Then
she came back and I went. The course was way muddy.
Puddles everywhere. And it takes a lot of time to go
around all of them so you just go through them. Towards
the end the course goes throught the lake. By the
bathrooms and the dock. You have to run high knees through
there so you don't lose speed. The water is like up to my
waist so I can't run high knees so I end up just walking
through there. Surprisingly the water was really warm in
comparison to the air. Next time I'm just gonna swim.
There is about 400-600 meters left so you are running
soaked if you weren't already. Then Nate took off. And I
guess he didn't finish fast enough so they just sent off
Jake our 5th runner. Our team goal was to have 3 teams in
the top ten. There's like 60 or 70 teams. We had a team
that came in first a team in second and a team in ninth. 3
in the top ten. Goal accomplished. It kinda sucks that our
first runner had an asthma attack and never finished the
race. I would like to know what our teams standings were.
We came in like second or third to last.

Thought of the Day:

Trevor says I'm his second favorite person his mom is
first. I shouldn't too much on this though all I did was
pull his towel around him more because his hands were
full, it was cold, and it was falling off. Overall it was
a fun, cold, wet day. I like Trevor. *sigh*

P.S. It reminded me a lot of soccer. I miss soccer. Go