Kendra Adams

Once upon a Sunrise
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2005-09-10 14:16:30 (UTC)

GAME OVER**poem**

Game Over!
Damage has been done
The scars will remain
Until the sun has gone
And it starts to rain

Reach for the heavens
You know you’ve already died
Try to soothe the pain
You know you’ll be denied

Reach as high as you can go
Only to fall and shatter
A joke is all you know
Cause this heaven just doesn’t matter

Retreat from the skies and hide behind the walls
Of imperfection, rejection, and disease
Angels are there to watch you fall
To see you falter as your pain starts to increase

Believe in me and I will show you a way
That will fulfill your dreams and you will not sway
Believe in me and I will give you a chance to live
A new life is all I can offer and give

No damage will be made
No scars will remain
A battle for your life will be washed away
No blemish will leave a stain

It’s your life, and you chose not to live
I thought you understood one was all I could give
It’s just such a shame that you turned this offer away
You could be real and be living today

I offered you my life, a second chance to live
A way to be new, and lesson to forgive
I’m sorry I nearly killed you will all those scars from
But when you point a gun at me, my breath began to rattle
I did the quickest think I knew, I pulled out a knife
As quick as I did, we reacted, and we were both out of life
It was like I was in Heaven and you were in Hell. A war
had finally became sober
But I gave up my life for you and finally a voice
said, “GAME OVER!”

Kendra Adams
September 10, 2005

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