My dreams are nothing but a haze
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2005-09-10 02:25:55 (UTC)

Never Ending Is Every Path

Into a reality of my own
I blankly stare
Even though now
It slowly falls down

Within my every desire
My every waking nightmare
I am unable to catch them
As I silently seem to drown

Within this black stained heart
I wait for nothing
For nothing I am able to yearn

Only wishing for
Another self destruction
To never start
Simply a new chance
To absorb and learn

After surviving so much time
I still choose to lose my path
When showered with the brightest light

Through my many journeys in rhyme
I still strongly believe
That all is not right

I long for my tattered wings
To lift me to the highest high

Thoughts of the fates
Cutting my final strings
Assures my deception
Shall linger as long as they cry

My abnormal self-chosen view
Shattered from a false godÂ’s pain

None seemed to decide
The things they knew
Why should they
Since a tainted soul can never gain

as I come
I now shall leave
into this uncharted shame
where none may grieve

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