Too Much to Say
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2005-09-09 18:24:43 (UTC)

future endeavors

now that i'm finished "studying" music and ready to
actually "do" it, i'm wanting to start studying something
else. i miss math classes. i was good at math, but
unfortunately it has NOTHING to do with music (
kind of does, if you consider music theory). but it was at
least definitely not a required course for a music major.
i'd like to take some math classes, just to prove that i
can do it. and to feel intelligent again. i also would
love to further my french skills. i really had a passion
for languages back in high school, but didn't have the room
in my schedule to really pursue it.

i've recently realized that i don't hate learning, like i
thought i did. it's just that with my previous major, all
the required classes (besides the enjoyable music ones)
were all the types of courses i HATED in high school. in
high school i loved math and science...(and ironically,
music and theatre.) but when i got to college, the only
core classes i got to take were history and english (which
i always detested) and on top of that, "music"
history, "rock" history...and a bazillion other music
classes until i was almost SICK of MUSIC!!! so i had no
other outlet for my brain, and it simply shut down. it's
so refreshing to explore other areas of my brain and
realize that i'm not just a "music theatre junky." i
forgot that i was actually really smart. not to sound
conceited, but it's a nice feeling. i mean, i may be a
slacker, but i'm certainly no dummy. and now, i'm so ready
to dive into other areas of study, as long as they have
NOTHING to do with "the arts." not that i don't love The
Arts, i'm just done "studying" them. i'm ready to DO them,
and STUDY something else.

for some reason i've felt so ambitious the past couple
days. i haven't felt like that for about 4 years. i feel
alive again--intellectually.

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