Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
2005-09-09 15:36:56 (UTC)


Genobee, I actually got that name from a previous AC
pilot name in armored core nexus. I rebuilt one in armored
core 3 and then gave it that name to go by. Its by far one
of the best designs I've ever come up with. I always get a
pleasure feeling whenever I use it in combat because it has
such a high win ratio.
Robert recently left us to move in with his girlfriend
far away from here. It hurts when he chooses his girl over
his friends. But I don't have any right to say anything...
I made that very same mistake too one time in another
life... I paid a very high price for it. I know he loves
her, because he's made sacrifices for her ever since
they've been together. I often wonder if she would do the
same for him, even though she may say it at times. She
always calls me asking if he's cheating on her... like she
doesn't even trust him, or as if she she just met him as a
stranger in town.
It doesn't matter... its none of my business because I
have no power over anyone or anything in the world. I don't
even have a right to say anything about how I feel. I'll
always feel guilty for what I did in my past... and the
pain... it still lingers deep in my heart like a cancer.
You can't simply get rid of it, and there is no cure. It
feels as if I'm losing one thing after another this year...
I can only wonder what I may lose next you know.
Someday I know I'll be destined for great things in
life, though I can hardly imagine. All I ever care about
are the people and things I have left in the world... I
never stop to try to find work and money. My priorities
center around my family and my friends... and always my
girlfriend... I'll always love her. Shes... sensitive with
her inner feelings and makes me feel special and important.
Tomorrow will bring yet another day, and if I'm lucky I can
go out and see some of the world which I cherish so much.

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