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2005-09-10 00:32:13 (UTC)

sub diary 09-09-05


there is not much to say about today. it was a work day
although i did see my store in a different light. big
things are about to happen and i am a little scared. i have
to realise it wont be mine any longer. i will be just
another employee, even if i am the manager.

in the afternoon i managed to trade off with one of my
employees, she wanted me to do something for her so i did
it on the condition she did a little something for me..this
enabled me to have a quick chat with my Master. was even
shorter due to ISP problems. i think the new chat program
i have downloaded is the cause.

i went to visit a few people in the evening i was tempted
to tell them about the sale of my shop but until i tell my
parents i have to be quiet. they will not be happy when
they realise i am not going to take the other job or move.
they will be happy i have sold as they never thought i
could do what i did. even though i made a great profit they
will say i sold cause i couldnt handle the success anymore.
when i do good, they always find the negative in it.

i couldnt sleep last night, bit of excitement, fear &

slave jess {MJ}

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