void deck
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2005-09-09 10:23:45 (UTC)


have not been writing much these days. day by day fly by so
fast... i could not catch up with my life. in a blink of the
eye, the week has come to an end.

played bridge yesterday despite the mounting work to hand
up. felt pretty happy about it cos they came to my room

i realise i'm still pretty much into him. don't want to talk
much about it though, i'm so busy with my life that i hardly
have any time to think about my personal life.

gotta burn my weekend to do my essays. i really need to
catch up with the mounting schoolwork.

i had a weird dream few days ago. i dreamt of attending
erick and natalia's wedding. the wedding was peaceful and i
was enjoying myself there. until a point where i started
realising that this was really his wedding. he is somebody
else's man now. he's married. and my chance to be with him
is really zero. then i started to hope that he will get
divorce soon. and i realise that he probably won't. he's not
that kind of man. and at that thought, i woke up. dazed.

i wonder if i am going to end up marrying someone i love. i
really wonder. i'm 21 and i have not been in any
relationship before. it's quite sad to think about it. i
think it will be nice to have someone caring for you. yet, i
know if i don't, i will just survive anyway. but i think
having someone you love by your side will make life easier
to go through... the ride will be more enjoyable. as the
saying goes, the road is never long when you have your
friends beside you.

i wish...