enigmatic contemplation
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2005-09-08 20:34:58 (UTC)

same ol' @-)----

well... guess i am back to the same person. M and i were
married on July 3rd but our relationship was over long
before we tied the knot. I have this tendency to submit
myself to relationships with men that are prince charming
at first- then turn into satan himself in the end. I have
endured mental, emotional and now physical abuse from my
husband and i've let go.....

I have become more sexual than i was before and am now
having an affair... i wont devludge the details at this
moment. but im sure i will in future entries.

The sad part is, i dont feel guilty. Any other time that i
have been unfaithful i have felt guilty and wrong for
doing so. But now... i smile. My mood changes. I become
happier, more enrgetic and excited- after every encounter
i have with the Other Man.

I know i am wrong, but i just dont care anymore. The only
person i care about now is.. myself. No one has cared for
me in the past so i figure.. i have to start doing it

stay tuned