Kendra Adams

Once upon a Sunrise
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2005-09-08 20:21:09 (UTC)

Officially over you**poem**

Why am I standing here all alone?
There’s no one to talk to cause everybody’s gone
Why do I stay here waiting on you?
Because you know I’ll always wait no matter what I knew

It’s just this cycle I have to go through
Like I have to trust you in everything you do
Like I have to believe that you will be true
Or else I’ll never have anything to do with you

Why do I sing a song in my head that reminds me of how it
is instead?
“Right Here” is where I’ll be until you can see that
there’s a desperate part of me
I wanted to show you the ropes of my life, the pure,
pleasant, and the things that aren’t so nice
I just wanted to show you what I was really like in
reality, so, can I just be me?

It’s just this dream that I have to go through
Like I should scream but my echoes won’t follow you
I can’t wake up; I’m dead to the world today
All I can do is imagine what you would have to say

Why did I even start to think that our love was true?
I just had to believe that my life would be spent with you
I despise that now that I can’t seem to find where I’m
Because you kept these dirty lies from me, you kept me
from knowing
That there is another that you fell in love with, how dear
that must be
But you’re gonna hate it when I bust your ass. You’re
gonna wish you never knew me

Do you know how frustrating this gets? When you think
everybody has let you down?
When it’s you that really forgets to be independent of
hate that you’ll always regret
It’s just that people like me hate being lied to; we tell
it to our town
Cause as cool as it seemed, you’ll never know how it hurt
me when you were a no show
And to think that all this time I believed in you, I gave
you all my faith
You took it from me, taunted me, and then you threw it in
my face.

I stood there to remember how I was forgotten by society
and my rotten friends
I stand here to remember that even though I may be alone,
I know who I could trust in the end
It didn’t matter that you let me down, it just mattered
that you finally told me your lies
Cause you just don’t know what went down cause you
couldn’t see the pain in my eyes
Torture me some more, why don’t you? Take me, break me,
and keep me in solitary confinement
Yes, that’s what you did. You took me, shattered my life,
you kept me alive with all of your lies
Take my life into your hands, oh, how fragile I may be but
you don’t even care
Because I’m just a girl who’s not even eighteen and you
never have cared about how I felt or tried to see how I
see. No point of view will ever come across your mind. So
I have to show you what it is you’re loosing, or is it
that you never had me? Or did I ever have you? Because
it’s over a year, and I’ve shed my last tear cause I am
officially over you

Kendra Adams
September 8, 2005

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