Kendra Adams

Once upon a Sunrise
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2005-09-08 01:44:17 (UTC)

Empty words**song**

Empty words, all full of lies
Everyone’s hurt; nothing to hide behind
Come and show me what wounds I’ve given to you
If I wrongly did justice to you, then be true

**CHORUS**I didn’t have to give a damn about your life,
but I choose to anyway
I didn’t have to make you put down the knife, what was I
gonna say?
It’s just another death to me. It’s nothing special, my
heart didn’t break
But you can’t just die with out a proper excuse; this was
all that I could take

Empty houses full with tears
Everybody in town is talking about what kept you here
Love didn’t come as easy as hate
It’s useless to argue with you because you only wanted to
Should you be here? Do you even give a damn?
Because this is life my brotha, and it isn’t gonna get any

Remaining trash that clog your wounds
Scars that start to form over your heart
It’s about time you started to heal
Trade marked heart that you feel has been ripped apart

Kendra Adams
September 7, 2005