Cosmic Rain
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2005-09-07 22:56:45 (UTC)

silent thinkings

I realised, without much thought that I love this place.
Simply because it's hidden away in some corner of the
internet world and I actually write here. Not that I don't
write anywhere else and there are places far more secret
than this, but funny enough seem so more out in the open.

I go through moments with this place where i ignore it
completely. As if yes, it didn't exist and even I couldn't
find it myself. And I admit I'm here because at this time
I'm undeniably troubled and when that has happened before
I've found myself residing in these inner walls. Maybe
they'll bring more clarity? Maybe it's that quiet
illusionary feeling that they'll give me an answer.

I don't think it will. There is no answer for this sort of
thing, just slip away quietly and leave the discontent
beings be.