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2005-09-07 07:53:25 (UTC)

Hello there...

I've got nothing to say.

Actually I do have a lot to say, but don't feel like
saying it right now, so let's bullet point and highlite
the good stuff shall we?

- Had a dream about motorcycles
- started rewritting into the computer my random thoughts,
quotes, notes, and everything else I might need to develop
scripts as a director
- still haven't bought the rest of my books
- FOUND THE MOVIE M and rented it
- just shot pool
- Aindria and I are cool
- met a very interesting guy 36 years old, works for a car
dealership, defeated cancer a couple of times, cutie. Met
up for coffee, kinda wanna do a one on one this time. He
kinda saved me and lucci I think, otherwise she might have
never gotten back to me. Atleast not so soon.
- I still hate Bruce
- My class starts in 6 and a half hours
- I can play the intro to ODE TO JOY by beethoven
- there was one more thing...

Oh well, let's leave it at that