Autum's Leaves
2005-09-07 04:14:30 (UTC)


AH FUCK DUDE, goddamnit I am pissed.

*sigh* I just lost my fuck buddy, the really fucking
good one. He pissed me off like mad so I decided not to
sleep with him anymore, and goddamnit I'm so pissed because
he's so good in bed and the past couple of guys I've slept
with have SUCKED.

*huffs* Well fine then. Fine. I'll just go out and party
and get laid this weekend and I'll have fun without him.

*puffs* Goddamnit.

*huffs and puffs* I'm pouting.


*huffs* I think I'm going to cry...not really. I'm just
gonna be pissed off.


On a good note, my friends may be coming to see me soon,
so you know, maybe I'll have a new fuck buddy soon, and a
good one? Maybe.

Goddamnit. *huffs and puffs and pouts*