listen to my silences
2005-09-07 01:01:04 (UTC)

you don't hear me cry at night anymore

the first day that i saw you
i was a million miles away
you said that you could fix me
and asked if i would stay
and when i told you i was no good
and just needed time for me
that's when you laughed
that's how it started off
when i heard you say
i won't quit trying
you can stop crying
just want you with me
i think we'll both be happy

when i needed you the most
you were a million miles away
when i asked you to come home
you said i really need to stay
and when i told you what we needed
was more time just for us
that's when you laughed
and smarted off
and then i heard you say
i'm trying
don't start crying
feels like you slapped me
why can't you just be happy

so here we are again
you are a million miles away
you're coming home tonight
but you'll be gone in another day
and i can't tell you all i need
is just more time with you
cause then you'll laugh
and start smarting off
and then i'll say
i'm trying
not to be crying
feels like you slapped me
i just want to be happy

final thought: now together we are alone