Thoughts in Green
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2005-09-07 00:40:13 (UTC)

Whats up with this world?

Ok so Hurricane Katrina hits and destroys everything in New
Orleans and the surrounding areas.... and the stupid part
is that everyone is SOOOO shocked about it.

I am only 30 and I have known for years that one good
Hurricane could wipe out that area in hours but no one had
a plan and now we are forced to go back and clean up a mess
that never needed to happen.

Why was this never acted on? Well it seems to me that we
are a country that is too concerned with fixing everyone
else's problems that we put our own off until something
like this happens.

Instead of fixing the problems before they happen we wait
for the bad to rip on through the US and then we act. A
little preventative measure would really help the economy
in the long run but it never ever happens.

When the World Trade Center was atact by terrorists the
first time did we think hey this might be a growing issue
that is already evident in other countries... maybe just
maybe if we would have paid attention we would not have had
a situaiton such as 9/11.

Instead of paying the 200 million it would have cost to fix
the problems in New Orleans in order to stop such a
terrible tragedy... it will not cost in to the Billions...
why ... all because we keep ignoring our issues.

We need to STOP showering all of our aid and troops and
money on to those contries who either don't want or don't
trully need our aid... hey you don't see other countries
shelling out the kind of aid that we do... and so what if
we live in the largest richest country ever! Everyone else
has our miney.... we can't even use it to fund our own

We have all of our troops so spread out in other places
that it takes us 6 days to respond properly to a mess in
our own back yard! HELLOOOO any one else see a problem
here... The presedent is reacting to the death of our
supreme court justice with more remourse then for the
hundreds or thousands who may have lost their lives in this

What kind of nation do we live in now? do we even give a
crap about everyone else in this counrty? or is it all
about presidential revenge and how much money you have? I
know that I don't want to live in a country where the
presidents mother thinks that poor people are better off
and should count themselves lucky for having to be CRAMMED
in to the superdome together because we have no where else
to put the.

Why was this able to happen... why was their not a better
action to get people out before the Hurricane hit? why were
so many left behind to fend for themselves??? The only real
answer is that no one cared before.... no one wanted to
care... no one wanted to think about it... we turned a
blind eye to it and hoped it would just fix itself...

Well guess what ... IT DIDN'T fix itself and now it's a
mess that we have to deal with becuase no one took the time

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