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2005-09-06 15:39:36 (UTC)

College life

So it's been awhile, I know. I'm a failure. But I had a
busy summer, and then for the past few weeks I've been
settling into college life.

Let's do a brief recap. I graduated. Hooray! Actually,
everything about the last two weeks of school is kind of a
fuzzy memory, because I had bronchitis the whole time and
was drugged up a lot. But I do know I graduated because I
am in possession of my high-school diploma. And then after
that day I vaguely remember going from graduation party to
graduation party on Saturday. Then after that... I'm not
really sure what I was doing. I guess I worked all that
week, and then on Friday the 17th we left for our mammoth
vacation, when we went to Atlanta, Montgomery, Natchez,
Dallas; San Antonio; Laredo, Mexico; Houston; Little Rock;
somewhere in Missouri; Springfield; Indianapolis; Canton;
and Rochester, New York. It was definitely three weeks of
family bonding time, woohoo. But it was fun, I saw a lot
of cool places and can now say I've been to Mexico
(although while I was there I did fear for my life, my
family being the only white people in the town that day).
While all the cool places and hotels and restaraunts were
cool, I especially liked when we got to Ohio, because then
I got to see three of my uncles and their families, and I
don't see them as much as I would like.

So let's see... came home from that vacation on July 5, I
think. And I'm pretty sure I worked for the rest of the
freaking summer. I worked a lot. 30-35 hours a week. And I
really bonded with my work friends, including some of my
bosses. I loved it, and I think work is one of the things
that I was saddest to leave. But hopefully it will work
out that I can work a day or two over fall break.

So then... I moved into college. Move in day was not my
favorite day ever, it was gross and pouring rain, and then
I wasn't really ready to say goodbye to my family when the
orientation stuff hustled us off to begin our activities,
so that was kind of annoying. But my roommate and I get
along really well, so that's good. I was also sad because
it was raining so I didn't get to go down to Barrett to
see Pam or any of her family. And then that night wasn't
so bad, but at point I was just kind of sitting there
taking it all in and I got a little sad. That whole
weekend was crazy though, the orientation activities kept
piling up, so I didn't really have much time to be
homesick, but I guess that was the point. So then, once we
were all exhausted from orientation, it was time for
classes to start. MWF I have 8 am Geology 101, 11 am Intro
to Cultural Anthropology, and 1 pm Hispanic Studies 206.
So far I like them all pretty well; 8 am is awful early
and I do regret signing up for an 8 o'clock class, but it
isn't so bad. My anthro teacher is a bit eccentric, but he
makes me smile, and I like listening to his lectures, and
enjoy most of the readings he gives us, so that class is
good. I also like spanish, it's not too hard for me, which
I was anticipating it to be, and the teacher is easy to
understand. I don't think that class is gonna be too hard,
except for the movies we have to watch outside of class,
that could get annoying. Then Tuesday/Thursday I just have
my Jane Austen seminar at 3:30, which is a tad too long if
you ask me, but then I get to have dinner with Pam. And
the class certainly isn't going to be hard after the IB
english classes that we went through. So all in all, the
first week of classes was good.

But then that weekend was kind of a bummer, because I
didn't make it into the choir or any a capella groups that
I tried out for, so Saturday was a pretty miserable day.
But I realized that it was immature of me to wallow in
misery about that; just because I had always gotten into
what I wanted to do in high school doesn't mean the same
thing is going to happen in college. But that day was
still pretty gross, I called my parents crying and I felt
yucky all day, but got over it eventually. Still, now I'm
gonna have to search for some other things to do, since
singing was all I had planned on doing. So then Saturday
night we went to Screen on the Green, Emily Carrie Stephen
and I, so that was pretty fun, except it started to
drizzle at one point and we all got a little wet. I don't
remember anything else exciting happening last weekend.
Oh, some girls on my hall cooked dinner on Sunday, so we
had a pasta night. It was good, but I need to start using
more of my meal plans!

So then that week of classes... I can't remember anything
exciting happening. Oh, we did go to a meeting about
Hurricane Katrina on Wednesday night. Umm... oh Friday
night was great. Stephen, Carrie, Emily, Zenia, and Jenn
all went to dinner together, and then went back to Jenn
and Z's room to play a game called "Dirty Minds," which is
actually ironic because it requires you to think cleanly,
but Emily and Stephen kicked everyone else's butts anyway.
Then Emily Carrie and Stephen came back to my room and we
played taboo for hours... we used up the whole deck of
clues, and we laughed so hard that our stomachs hurt. And
some good quotes came out of that game, too. Then some
girls on the hall put Phantom of the Opera on, so I went
and watched that and didn't go to bed til 3 am. Then
Saturday Stephen Emily Jen Zenia and I went down to the
cheese shop for lunch, and got it to go and came back and
sat down on the steps of Ewell hall and ate in the shade.
It was a gorgeous day, and we had a nice time. Then we all
went home and some of us did some homework :) Saturday
night, Carrie Stephen and I went to see Crash at the UC at
11, and the movie was great, emotional and intense. We
came back at about 1 am and talked with Emily about the
movie for awhile, and eventually went to bed around two.
Sunday morning, Stephen Carrie and I all got up and met
Pam to go to church...it was a United Methodist church,
which was weird for me, because I don't think I've ever
been to a non-catholic service, or if I have I don't
remember it. But it was fine. Then we all went to eat
brunch...and then had to face the rest of the day doing
homework. Except I think I watched more Signs with Emily
than got homework done. And then later that night at about
8 the stupid power went off, right when I had started my
laundry... and it was not cool because I had reading to
do. But after everyone had a party in the hall with their
flashlights, the power came back on at about 8:15. I did
some reading and then watched The Village with Emily,
which was intense and a little suspenseful but not that
scary. Monday morning... 8:00 am geology quiz was a bit
annoying, but not hard. Then I made a friend in my spanish
class... his name is Nick, and he got excited when he saw
my Josh shirt, and said he loved Josh and had all of his
cds. So we decided that we would have to have a josh dvd
watching party. Then... that's about it. That leads up to
today, where I woke up at 10:00 with a stuffy nose, sore
throat, and a sinus headache, and a Jane Austen paper to
write before 3:30. I should get going on that!

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