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2005-09-06 03:30:19 (UTC)

Last day of summer EVER.

Yeah its my last day of summer ever in my life. EVER. EVER
EVER EVER. Kayla told me that and I was like whoa its
true! And really depressing. lol I was talking about it
with one of my customers at Zellers and he was like "Wow
that's so depressing. Just that way you say it. And that
its true." haha. So yeah. I spent my last day of summer
ever WORKING. And it was Labour Day or whatever AND
seniors day so it was freaking busy. I swear. There was
like 2 little teeny weeny bits where it slowed down for
like 10 minutes then it was busy again. Constant lineups.
Constant bitchy customers. Constant having to hold my
temper. Constant wanting to scream. Lots of constans let
just put it at that.

And to put ontop of that- it was nice out too. So I
totally could have had a fire or something like that. I
haven't had one all summer. And as I was walking home from
work I was sad. I didn't go ANYWHERE this summer. Not BC,
hardly anywhere. The only time I got away was when I went
on the youth trip for 2 DAYS. I was home all summer and I
was working. And I'm not complaining about having money.
It's just sad. I didn't get to getaway. I needed to. I
wanted to. Just with some friends. I couldn't even do
that. Not even with my family. I didn't even get to go out
to the freaking LAKE. I didn't have a single marshmellow
or weiner roast. That just depresses me. That's what
summer's all about. I didn't see the sunset. Not just
sitting there watching it. I saw it. I see it almost every
night. But not to make it count. Next summer I'll do
better. I'm gonna go to California with Kayla and Katie.

And for school. I'm going on the spring break trip. And on
the ski trip to Jasper. I'm doing alot.

But yes. I hope I'll have a good year. It is my last. And
it starts tomorrow. So I gotta make it count. Urgh. I'm
not excited for going back. To see people- yes. Maybe for
a day. That's it. I hate getting up early. I hate
homework. And I don't like making choices. I don't even
know if I'm gonna re-do math 30 or not yet. Grrr.

And I have to walk to school this year. My mom won't drive
me anymore. And Katie's probably not coming over anymore.
Whatever. So yes.

My summer was slightly a disappointment, but atleast I did
do some of my goals. Although I didn't do all of them.
haha funniness. So. One of my goals was to go to MP and
work out all during summer. Today was the first day I went
ALL summer...and its the LAST day of summer. HAHA! So yes.

I dunno. I don't really feel like writing anymore.

Me and Annette are talking about our guy issues and trying
to figure this all out...
I love that girl. We were talking about me and Grant and
she was like:

-----Grant just likes you because you have one of the most
attractive spirits of ANYONE
you have God living in you

niCole * lol thanx

-----there's nothing more attractive than that...
and that's why he's always around you and just can't get
enough of you!

Hehe that's the nicest thing anything's ever said to me
for awhile and like WOW. What a compliment!!!

I'll let you know how the first day of grade 12 goes...