Nick's Journal
2005-09-05 20:50:51 (UTC)


so i finally achieved my goal of being an "adventuresome"
individual, and i have realized one thing. this being that
all adventures entail trials and tribulations, which are all
the easier to bear with a companion. in our tour group,
juli and i were the only ones who spoke english, all the
rest spoke that god forsaken oral vomit known as spanish.
so we huddled together in the cold of the andes with wide
eyes trying to interpret the verbal diarrhea known as spanish.
but we were together.
and at night i coudl lie with someone who not only
understood me but also was more than willing to listen and
talk to me. most people have to pay 500 dollars an hour to
some shrink fo that type of privilege. point being that i
enjoye my adventure not that it was some nihilistic
exoneration as most people hope for; but a re-affirmation of
my committment to the one person with whom i can share a
tent, a trail, and a language with for a whole week and
still feel thankful thereafter.
it is something that doesn't come through little things,
only when you've immersed yourself into the harrowing
experience of being inable to communicate, express, and
assert yourself do you realize the token of gratitude you
feel for the one who understands you for your inarticulate
muchos gracias senorita.