my so called life
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2005-09-05 20:29:52 (UTC)

My summer in a nut shell ;)

.. I'm not any good at writing in this thing, am I?
I don't know, there's not really much to write about. I'm
back in Trondheim where I study. I've started spending
time with my friends again, exercising at the gym (just
got back from spinning) and everything's pretty much the
same. Which I guess is good :)

I don't know how much I've written in here about this
summer, but I'll make a summary:

After my last exam (which went well. I had four exams, two
went well, one OK and one crap) I went home to Aalesund
for a week. Had a nice, but too short time home. Then I
went to Stavanger to start my job as a summer student in
bp Norway. My time in Stavanger was overwhelming and a bit
scary and lonely in the beginning. I was alone in a new
city where I didn't know my way around, I missed Ben and
working in an office was all new to me. The first week I
just went to work, went home, had dinner and went to the
gym. I went to the movies and to the mall with some of the
other summer students as well and this woman at work
invited me to a home party thing, where this other woman
sold make up and lotions and stuff like that. The two
first weeks I went to the gym almost every day and was
very fit.
The next weeks a lot of stuff started happening, there was
this volley ball tournament and Ben visited, a friend of
mine had visitors from home and we went out all weekend,
amd I went home for a weekend. I met a girl I know from
Trondheim and we spent a lot of time together. We went to
visit a friend outside of Stavanger and had a lot of fun.
I also went offshore (!!) and all the summer students in
bp went out for dinner and drinks. So I didn't get to go
to the gym as much, but I guess it's better to be social :)

Before I left bp, I held a presentation of my work for
about 12 drilling engineers. I was quite nervous,
especially since I held it in English and 11 of them were
Norwegian and ONE English. Speaking English is ok, but I
hate speaking English to Norwegians. Oh well, it went ok
and everyone thought I had done a good job. The last week
I spent with a drilling engineer called Richard who was
planning the drilling of the next well. I think I wrote
about that in a previous entry. I learned SO MUCH that
week! My last day I got three cakes, a present and a good
bye speak :D

Well, I went home to Aalesund and spent two weeks there
before going back to Trondheim and uni. The two weeks in
Aalesund were relaxing. I got to spend some time with my
friends, which was really great. The last week it was
pretty much me and the boys since all my female friends
had gone back to where they study, so I was glad to come
back to Trondheim and meet my girls again :)

Well, that was my summer, how was yours? :)