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2005-09-05 15:53:54 (UTC)

Did we make up?

So I met this guy online who apperantly is a sales manager
for a well known dealership. It all started with woo, or
wow, or basically a cat call. I started telling him the
crap my friend was going through, and we decided to get
together so that he could read through the contracts.

She hesitantly agreed. This dude is unusally cool. He's 36
and very attractive for his age. Very interesting person
too. So ultimately he gave her some advice, looked over
everything and dished out pointers. Then we talked and
everything was cool.

On the way back she started talking finally. She was ready
so she said that this is still on her mind. So we talked
in front of her house for over an hour. I tried to get
deep down into the root of the problem. The main result
ended up being, she just holds gudges no matter what. We
left it at, let's see if we can move past that. Because it
doesn't make sense to me to only have friends with clean
records, who have never ever messed up in the past. That's

So we'll see what happens. I definately don't wanna lose a
friend over a word.

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