How Do I Tell Them...
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2005-09-05 11:37:46 (UTC)


Well i had the day off today and my doctor made me go have
blood tests for glandular fever because she also thinks
that i may have it since i havent beforehand. I am the
only one at my work who is still sick and cant actually
physically do half of my job because i feel like i am
about to pass out. I've never been so tired or had swollen
glands this large before. LOL yea i want sympathy but i
dont need it. Its all good really...ahahaha. My boss told
me if i have glandular there is more to come and i am like
oh great, but i talked to her about jeopardizing my
position there because i told her that if i am taking time
off i dont want it to jeopardise that. she reassured me it
wouldnt purely because she knows i am sick and has seen me
work whilst sick so not to worry about that and to worry
about being well and fit again...mmm yes well i have to be
cautious about that i am guessing...

Anyhoo other than that i am a little pissed off at my
mother for starting an argument over nothing again, i am a
little pissed off i am sick, i am a little pissed off that
i cant talk properly. I am alot of things and pissed off
is generally the right feel about things currently.

If i could be happy i would be, if i could be well i
should be, if i should be in love i could be, so why am i?
So why am i not happy? so why am i not well? so why am i
in love so much when it recurringly starts to smell?

Schmeh ignore me. I'm going to bed.

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