Autum's Leaves
2005-09-05 09:11:42 (UTC)

Life On Holiday (The LIST)

There are a lot of things I've learned to do in life,
especially in these past few months, in this year alone. Of
course these things have imparted upon me a new philosophy,
one that's perfect for college and perfect for me at the
moment and of course, one that I will despise and utterly
regret later on in life.

This philosophy contains; never look back and never get
involved. Some rules to live by from you're lovable
enlightened authouress.

Through the past couple of months, through just this
year alone, my "list" went from two, to seven, including

1. The First
2. The Ex
3. The Boarder
4. X2 (The Ranger)
5. The Guy Whose Bad At Everything
6. Danny
7. The Mexican *disclaimer: all right so he wasn't really
that mexican or else I wouldn't have done it, but this
shows that I am at least culturally diverse saying at least
two of the guys on this list weren't white and I am*
*8. The Porn Star
*9. The Gamer
*10. The Redneck
*11. The Marine
*12. The Redhead

The real reason I did tonight? For one, I just needed to
get laid and I thought about it for a long time before I
did. But...I mean, it's hard to turn down someone who'se
ten by two inches. I mean, it's been a long time since I've
had that big. And you know, we went for about an hour and a
half and it wasn't ridiculously good (it wasn't the boarder
or X2) BUT it didn't suck. There's talent, but it's just
not my kind of talent. Too vanilla for me to be honest,
which is sad. Haha.

I already miss my friend. I have a story to tell her and
I can't and it's just made me ridiculously sad. My mind's
been set on visiting her every Saturday after this, because
I miss her that bad.

There's a guy on my hall, someone that I'm very
attracted to. And I mean, actually attracted to. In fact, I
talked to him last night for the first time and...this
morning I thought about visiting him and thought I was
going to hurl. I haven't had butterflies in my stomach for
a long time, and it's a strange thing that's messing up my
rules, especially #2. I just...I don't want sex from him. I
want...something else maybe. I'm pathetic.

My friend, The Track Star is going to visit me sometime
this month, which I'm happy about. His step dad beat the
shit out of him the other day and cracked his rib. I was
infuriated. But he'll come visit soon, it'll at least be
good for him to get away from his house for awhile.

Shaggy might come visit soon, or I might go see him.
We'll have to see. For some reason I feel like delving into
my guys at five in the morning.

Which brings me to my final point, holy shit look at how
many guys there are. *exasperated throw of hands* Jesus.
Come on now. I mean, and I'm not even hot, what the fuck?
Sometimes it just drives me crazy. But then again...I think
it's because I'm really only really attracted to (the
really ridiculously good looking ones) like two of them,
maybe three. Maybe I need to be more picky...or just stop
having sex for awhile.

Ha ha.

Anyways, as I afore mentioned, it's five in the morning
and I need to go to bed, because it's been a wicked long

Goodnight and sleep tight all my lovers and loveress'.

I hope the night treats you as well as it does me.

Only better.