The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
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2005-09-04 18:06:39 (UTC)

Mrs. Lonely

Dear Diary

Hey it's me. I'm so lonley. I really mean that. I miss my
parents and little brother...I miss JOey. I'm missing a
lot of things. I'm getting deppressed too. I'm trying not
to but, I feel like I wanna cry RIGHT now. Why? I should
be happy but, I"m not. I guess I need to take my meds. I
havne't been doing that lately. I didn't think I would
need hem but, now I know I do. I'm thinking about going
and seeing a therapist Tuesday Wednesday. That may be a g
ood thing for me. What do ya think? Yup! I thought so. lol.

So, we sat around and ate pizza last night. Woohoo! Joe
Gray stopped by. He said he was never mad last year and he
thought he really liked me. I don't know what to say. I
was just like, "I'm with Joey and I don't wanna do
anything" He said he respected that. I sure as hell hope
so. lol. We didn't even hug. Oh yeah and I as I walked
down the hall to Tricia's room...he reached back and
grabbed my pussy. What the hell is that about? I dunno. I
just need to stay away from them I guess. It's just so
hard when i"m this lonley. I would even take him up on his
offer...I REALLY need to take those meds. lol.

Wel, I"m outtie. see yka

Love ya lots

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