me, nothing more, nothing less
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2005-09-04 07:07:12 (UTC)

Hey ho

Im bored and reading other peoples diaries!!! It's my last
day of the summer!!! HOW GAY!!! It's your fault amy! for
Gods sake! Scrummy bummy!!!!!!!!!!

Nobody is online, nobody cares for poor old me :'(

The word your looking for is...anyway (thats from friends,
Ross says it, Ross is cute, not as cute as Chandler, whos
not as cute as Joey, whos not as quite as (wait for it)
Billie-Joe, omg Billie-Joe is so hot, i had a dream about
him last night! I was sitting on the pavement in the rain
and I was upset about something and Billie-Joe came up to
me and asked if I was ok then he proposed to me...yay) wow
that was random!

Love Lucy xxx