Autum's Leaves
2005-09-04 06:16:33 (UTC)

Kidnap the Santy Clause

(Disclaimer: Just for all the Nightmare Before Christmas
hardcore junkie's, I'm aware that in the song lyrics it's
spelled with a 'w' as in Claws, but I prefer this way
because I'm me and it's my blog.)

So it's the weekend of parties, weekend of sleeping, no
class, even less real class and time to see old friends and
make new ones.

To start off, my friend and I went racing the other
night. I almost died a couple of times...I'm addicted. I
feel like revving my engine everytime I stop at a red
light...and I drive a Buick. Lasabre.

Been to some parties, got pretty damn crunked out the
other night, last night actually. Tonight was supposed to
be the night that ended all nights, but things come up and
I'm sitting here sober and not getting laid. Funny how
things work out like that.

My bestest friend came up to see me! I'm so happy! Both
her and the...*thinks* (I can never remember what I call
her)..HER came up, and I was really happy to see both of
them. We hung out today, got to watch some movies together.
I ended up buying Sin City, because I just missed seeing it
that much.

So, I did some incredibly graceful things today. The
first being...I was running to let my friend in the
building, because, once again, I forgot my damn card. So, I
run out the door, suddenly remember I don't have my card,
spin around really fast and fall flat on my face in front
of this very cute RA and my friend...awesome. Then when I
open the door for her, I trip , ..., on the mat that I
slipped on in the first place.

Lots of time elapse. My opposite sister and I are
walking down my hall and there's this guy that I've been
checking out... and he lives on my hall. So we walk by and
he says hey and we stop to chat. Somewhere in this two
minute conversation, I tell him I have a ..."piercing". I'm
an idiot. But anyways, he invited me/us to stop by I mean that's good and my opposite sister
swears me was checking me out and was interested.
know, it's a maybe. We'll see. I'm interested. He's got
this lip ring, one of the ones thats right in the middle of
the lower lip (I know, me and lower lips) that's really
attractive on him. I told him I really liked it, which was
how we got on the convo in the first place. And I'm going
to stop talking about it because this is only confirming
what a failure I am. Haha.

Anywho, time to get some sleep I guess. My friend wants
me to eat breakfast with her in the morning...and as much
as I love her...I dont know if I can get up that early on a

Mmmm...the smell of stale cigarettes and beer.