2005-09-04 03:48:00 (UTC)

So i the first day of school..

So i the first day of school seemed to last forever, and i
only went to three of my classes. but some good did come
out of it, i met sumone. the only thing is they are in a
relationship. Her name is Mandy. shes awesome. shes reallie
pretty too, she has pink hair which is awesome, but again i
say shes in a relationship. her boyfriends name is Jon. i
reallie think she loves him which does kinda suck for me
but he makes her happy so i guess its all good. got so
drunk last night, it was my b-day party thingy, it wasnt
reallie a party though it was more of just hanging out with
ppl and getting reallie drunk. i was so wasted. i was
hugging everyone then i like started asking ppl if i could
kiss them, the worse thing all the people we were parting
with are from bedford, so i have to see them all when i go
to school. oh yeah i flashed a car full of guys from
bedford too. i reallie hope no one remembers. i said some
shit to ian last night that i reallie feel bad about and
now hes like reallie pissed off at me or at least i think
he is. he came back over to pick up the bassinet cause he
forgot it and i was like "you piss me off" then he said
that i piss him off too and i was like yeah well i dont go
two and a half weeks without seeing Adrian so he said "yeah
well i also work everyday so im gunna go home now" and ya
that was about it. i guess the only new thing going on is
that i like Mandy, and im 2 days away from being 17. oh
yeah im upset at my mom right now cause three days ago she
told me i should just go kill myself. i guess the good news
is though that no one has me on suicide watch anymore, im
so glad to be off that.its weird though cause now i
actually want to. i have urges to cut reallie bad right now
but im at richelles so im tryng to keep busy. well i got to
go we are going out for supper
as always meagan

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