Cosmic Rain
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2005-09-03 22:44:08 (UTC)


I lay in bed last night and thought about it. One of the
lowest acts, be it for even someone you don't like, but
worse if you actually at some point had loved someone is to
take personal parts of their life that not even a handful
of people know and use it in front of others to put them

The realisation of all that was said and all that was meant
in the overall picture of things made me feel sad. Be if it
was about me or someone else it didn't matter because I
wasn't sad for myself, but sad for others.

Sad that this shape of mentality exists, that you'd only
expect to hear from people with no education. People with
no morals or values. People with no principles. Sad that
people stoop to that mentality who you think are above it.
Sad to be oh so very wrong in that thinking. Sad that
people are remotely amused when people talk about violence
against others. Sad that people laugh along with it to fit
in. Sad to realise people may never actually rise above
this mentality. Sad that in such a short time I lost any
ounce of respect I had left. Sad that I even have to think
like that. Sad that the people involved want to fit into
all of the above. Sad that I was even dumb enough to still

"..How a society channels male aggression is one of the
greatest questions as to whether that society will survive.
That's why I am not against violence in the media, I am
against the glorification of immoral violence..."
-Dennis Prager

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