Lost in Translation

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2005-09-01 18:10:57 (UTC)

Unknown to this day

Sing a song, read a book, sleep to your hearts content; all
wonderful things that can be accomplished on a long road
trip though the desert. See the stars in a northern
direction, the dark night crept in like a slow winter. The
mountain-tops, not at all visible in the dark night but
intuition reaffirmed them being there. Bravery, unknown to
this day, just swear to awake empowered and ready. Vision
the steps, breathe in sequence and sense nature like you
created it. Your brain is filling with tumultuous candor
while your head is in dreamland. As the morning came, the
mountain appeared intimidating and incendiary, refusing to
let you trek easy, thinking, “will I conquer this mountain,
or will it conquer me?” Arriving there, your pulse starts to
rise, steadily, beginning the ascent to ask yourself, “will
I survive this adventure”? only one way to find out now.
Never mind the sign that reads, “It’s a long way to the
top”. There’s no question about how fast to get there, or
how many feet will be surpassed. You’ll know when the day is
done who the hero is. One hour, two hours pass and you feel
as nothing can stop you now. One switchback segues into
another, curving the trail that leads you closer to your
destination. Waterfalls to your right and thousand year old
trees to your left, the blue water lakes seem so surreal
that it would be sinful to jump in them. The air is thin,
dry and the brightness of the day conceals your complex
heart. There is no stress up here- there is no congestion to
speak of, only you and this mountain. Sitting at the summit
you realize it’s time to head home. This is where endurance
becomes strength and stamina. Nine long hours you’ve been
hiking today and you wonder if your legs will hold up. God I
hope so!