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2005-09-01 14:03:52 (UTC)

And So It Starts Again

My boyfriend started work again today, but instead of just
having the one-hour meeting at 1100 like he thought, there
is a meeting from 5-7 as well. A cinz à sept, as they say
in French, only that is a cocktail party, not a meeting.
And so it starts again. I knew what was coming. I knew
it. I should have known before just now, actually, but I'm
too stupid to figure these things out. Remember that. I'm
just too stupid to figure anything out. JUST TOO STUPID.
So I made him ask. I wasn't going to volunteer. Normally
I would suggest we go to our favourite Indian restaurant up
there but you know what? Forget it. I'm not in the mood
and he thinks I'm made of money right now, so forget it.
As it is, I have to bankrupt myself to put gas in the car
later today. WHATEVER.

And so, as I said, it just fucking starts again. Later on,
I'm looking up the bus schedules, just to be contrary. I
know it's difficult but if he put in a fucking effort, I'd
dot his for him every time without argument. But b/c I
think he's taking advantage, suddenly doing a small normal
every day relationshipy nice/exepcted favour type thing
because a place where we are constantly at loggerheads.
And I hate it most of all because really, in actual fact, I
love doing the little things that help people out and make
them happy. So getting upset over this, believe me, does
nothing to make either of us happy. (You know, sometimes
you get upset over things for a reason - b/c you feel
justified or it makes you "happy" or whatever. This - just
makes us both feel bad. WHATEVER.)

Boyfriend: "And so I have a special favour to ask you."

K2: [-knows what is coming but makes him say it-]

Boyfriend: "Could you pick me up tonight?"

K2: [-bitches and moans-]

Boyfriend: I'm sorry.

K2: I don't think you are sorry.

Boyfriend: I am sorry.

K2: No, I don't think you really are sorry because there
are other people to take you to a place you could get home
from and there are other ways to get home. I don't think
you are sorry.

Boyfriend: Well, I am. I'm sorry you don't believe me.

K2: Well, I don't. Whatever.

Boyfriend: Don't be angry.

K2: Don't tell me what to be.

Boyfriend: Please don't be angry.

K2: Whatever. I'm at work. I don't want to do this now.
So I'll just pick you up when you need to be picked up as

Boyfriend: Thank you.

K2: Whatever.

Boyfriend: I am sorry.

K2: I don't think you are.

Boyfriend: I'm sorry you think that.

K2: Yeah, I have work to do. I don't want to get into
this right now.

Boyfriend: Thank you.

K2: I imagine you'll call me with the details.

Boyfriend: Yeah. Alright. I'll go. I love you.

K2: I love you too.

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