2005-09-01 04:47:19 (UTC)

I know how to read music!!!

So we had guitar class this morning. The dude explained to
us in about 20 minutes the basics of how to read music.
Now I get it. I took a whole year of music theory,
practicing how to draw treble clefs and didn't get it, but
this guy's explanation made sense in 20 minutes,

I went home got online and started looking at classical
guitar sheet music. All of it lead me to links on books
and such, so I looked up flutes instead. Got Fur Elise by
Beethoven. I don't know how to play flats or sharps yet
though. So I think I got ahead of myself.
But I'm loving the fact that I can do that now, it's so...
it gives me the feeling as though I have passed a course
that was very hard, and got a masters in a skill most
don't posess but want to. IT's awesome.

I came to the harsh, yet satisfying realization that soon,
this coming spring I will be in Columbia, since I would
have completed all of my classes in general courses. This
is truly frightening. But I am very glad for it. I am
getting tired of going to school with people fresh from
high school, who still think they are in high school, with
no direction. Besides, I wanna study film. I wanna do
film. I wanna make sweet sweet love to it. Kidding, but
what if? :0)