Thoughts in Green
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2005-09-01 03:03:42 (UTC)

Just Chillin!

Well I just got a new job with a 2$ an hour raise and I am
looking for a bartending job at the moment as well.

I work for my boyfriend who we refer to on here as "Leo"
and all in all it's pretty cool and fun. Im not sure what
it might do to us though.

The last week or so I have found that we are really not
reading each other right. Well it's seems to me that it is
more him jumping to conclusions that I am taking him the
wrong way.... or maybe that he thinks I am assuming he is
feeling a certain way. Really I am not sure.... it's hard
to explain something when you aren't really sure how you

Also it could just be that my emotions are all in an uproar
cause of everything that has been going on around me. It
just seems that he corrects me a lot.... and that get
irritating after a while. After almost 4 months together
you would think that we woudl read each other a little
better then we do.

Then I am not sure if it's just me not being used to be in
a relationship.... UGGG I AM SOOO CONFUSED!!!

We have a good time together and FANTASTIC sex but there
are just those things that after a while start to get to
you and you sometimes don't realize them until it's too

I don't want to do that, so right now I am just chillin but
it's really starting to wear on me .... all this stuff
coming from all directions.... Him talking about "Will"
cause "Will" dislikes him and talks smack about him all the
fucking time.

That is getting to me and I do know that... it's relentless
and it's not even remotly nice .... and he has such a bad
fucking attitude about it that there seems to be no end in
site. How am I supposed to maintain a long standing
relationship with someone when the person who is closest to
me in my life bad mouths him all the time.

How in the hell is this supposed to work????