Too Much to Say
2005-08-31 12:47:03 (UTC)

back to school, back to school...

i can't believe i'm in school...again. and yet, it really
doesn't seem that horrible. all higher education should
really reconcider the required course load for all majors.
i'm only taking 12 hours this semester (really 9) and i
have a feeling that i'm going to do really well, and
actually enjoy it. this way when teachers try and act like
their class is the only class i'm taking and that my life
should revolve around that's kind of true.

in some ways going to commerce is very familiar. and in
other ways i feel like a complete stranger. on one hand, i
know this place and these people, but on the other i'm a
lost transfer student wandering the campus looking for Ed
South. sometimes it's nice being an outsider.

i love that everyone i know at tamuc is someone from my
past...B.O. (Before OCU) they know me...but not the new,
grown-up me. so in a sense i get the benefit of both
worlds: the joy of fellowshiping with old friends, plus
the adventure of (re)getting to know someone.

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