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2005-08-31 12:28:16 (UTC)

The Return

Fucking right man, after my last UA I started toking up
again. Almost been two weeks since I first started up
again...:). I've gone through my bank account and working on
my way over with the paycheck I got two days ago...I got 230
bucks and I have 40 bucks left...Which was going to my car,
but I have decided to slow down and pace myself. I have been
blazed for two weeks straight for the most part, smoking
about a half 8 every day, sometimes more. Got this new guy
that I got through penky...He's got great things. :)

Last day of summer, kinda sucks that I only had one week of
true summer but tommorow when school starts, im gonna have
bud left from my 1/8 that I got, 25 bucks im selling to
lyndsey and 5-10 bucks im selling to penky so im gonna be
having about a dime after those two buy and than a little
more than a 1/8 for school. :)