When RheaSunshine Speaks
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2005-08-31 02:57:07 (UTC)

I Think It's Funny

I have grown up now
Wondered from the little 18 year old girl
Full of naive and questions
Become the woman that you now lean on
And I think its funny
You now hold me up for hours asking for my advice
And leaning heavily on my love
I'm strong enough to hold us both up
Now, and I think its funny
We shared some intimate moments
I will love you forever
Treasure our times spent and know
That God really did send you my way
You just didn't recognize that he sent
Me yours and I think its funny
That my love for you scares you
Too powerful to crush you but will hold you
And I still think that its funny
That when I need you, I still don't want to call
And when I miss you
I can't hear you at all
Because you are gone far away
A place of sweet peace
Or so you want me to believe
And I think its funny
I drive in silence and yet hear music
Dance in the rain and stay dry
I walk while running
And screaming while fainting
It's funny
That I fell in love right before I fell out of it
But even funnier that I wanted you before I fell out
I am led to absolute laughter that I am free from you
And you still are held captive by me
I love you from distance
Wonder why I didn't take you up on your offer of
Showed you the lighter side of me
But still didn't trust you completely
I think its funny
That God loves me in spite of the fact
That my mental sins have had me drunk, pregnant,
high and in some situations that I choose not to mention
And yet he uses me to speak to youth about the changes he
can make in your life
I think its funny that I still love you
That no matter how many man ask me out,
I still wait by the phone for you call
Tell me that you love me too and want to make things work
This poem is funny because
I normally wouldn't say all these things to all these
And I think its funny that I love you and don't want you
But would beat the woman that mistreats you
Our relationship baffles me
I can't live without you
Yet you annoy the hell out of me
And I just think that's funny
I write and somehow it makes sense
To somebody other than me
See, that is the funniest of all to me.

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