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2005-08-31 00:46:42 (UTC)

I'm pissed...

Went to pick up my books at the book store, and I was 220
short. After standing in line for over an hour and not
being able to have my books for class tomorrow, I am 200
bucks short and pissed.
I wanna go shoot pool and get coffee now

I only got enough books for one class. It was a set of 5
books for IT. Which pisses me off, cause if it wasn't a
set I could get the one I need for class right now, and
the other thiner ones that I need for class, and buy the
other ones later.

On a social level... I got on yahoo personals, and I've
been getting some hits even without the pic. Then I posted
the pic and damn was there an explosion. Even more so when
I subscribed just yesterday for the free trial and some
guys were getting back to me.
Bad thing is that most of them are yet again either fat or
sex oriented. I am so turned off from all those MFers
trying shit. I just sent an email of me and my friends
looking all glam when we went to zentra and I get no
freakin reply from him. I am pissed at that. I gave him
the benefit of the doubt since our original convo went to
the he wants sex thing. (Although he's in Kansas) Well
whatever that's not cool, do you collect pictures of
beautiful women or what? That's sick dude.
Soon enough I'm gonna pull out all together its not that
fun. I miss the hunt, trying to figure them out, checking
if their single or not by asking them questions. I gotta
be like a guy with some huspa and just start going up to
them. I hope they don't get offended. Most likely no. And
if they do whatever. You only live once that you remember,
so why not take the lead and make things that you want to
happen happen. Next cutie I see I'm hitting on. No excuses.
There's the other thing though, haven't been seeing all
too many guys that cut it anymore. I feel like stella
losing her grove. Or it's just that the guys are looking
less and less good. OR I could finally be seeing their
personalities through them and automatically saying, hey
this ain't ever gonna work.

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