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2005-08-30 22:24:14 (UTC)

~Do you think you'd make it out?~

Hey people, not updated in a while so apologies for
that...not that anyone is really bothered but hey lol.

I'm just back from Ashleighs house, had such a good time
tonight. I was a complete ass towards her on Friday night
due to being upset and drunk and I think I nearly lost
her. Got me pretty worked up but it's all cool now...thank
god. I'm really sorry Ashy xxx Getting along really good
just now though so it's all cool.

I was pretty much stoned all weekend due to lots of people
having cannabis and being in Callum's house, it was well
good. Got really drunk on Saturday night and had a great
luagh. Things got a bit weird when some junkies turned up
and started talking pish but I found it hilarious at the

College is going great, I have such a luagh with Tony and
the lecturers are quality.

Anyway, I'm off to bed, see ya