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2005-08-30 20:35:55 (UTC)


It's my birthday soon! Go me! hehe no actually don't go me
stay me!...anyway...

hmmmmmmmmm...Im bored, and alone until mum comes in the
room and helps me make my bed so I can sleep!

I wish I had something good to talk about, besides cheese
and greenday of corse

*sigh* soooooooo bored!

Ok Im going to randomly write a list of stuff I want for
my birthday, hehe:

1. Princess Diaries box set (1 & 2)
2. Phantom of the Opera soundtrack
3. Guitar Stand
4. Dolls house stuff
5. New phone
6. Money
7. Dolls House things
8. Clothes
9. Kelly Clarkson-Breakaway
10. Kelly Clarkson-Thankful
11. Spiderman 2 Soundtrack
12. Balto-1 & 2 (it’s movies)
13. Greenday CD’s
14. Good Charlotte-Chronicles of life and death
15. Phantom of the Opera movie
16. Foo Fighters-One by One
17. Fabric (to make my dress)

And other stuff I can't remember!

Love Lucy xxx

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