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2005-08-30 20:26:09 (UTC)

Hummy hummy hummmmmmm

I am quite bored waiting for mum to help me make my bed so
I can sleep! ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZ

I got this new toothpaste today to make my teeth really
really white (hollywood smile!), you know the toothpaste
you get that says it will make your teeth whiter (like
macleans), the people who make that just lie because it
doesn't work! But this stuff is professional stuff and it
has this whitenes tester and you can see how white they
are and it's really good! So in 3 weeks my teeth will be
ready for my party! They will contrast nicely with my
lovely black lether catwoman costume, hehe

Love Lucy xxx

PS-Invites for the party will go out ASAP! xxx

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