Moll Doll

New Life, New Day, New Page
2005-08-30 15:26:55 (UTC)

My exciting DAY....grrr

The corps of cadets is pretty unbelievable. I can’t
believe half of the rules that they try and enforce on us
and the upperclassmen who are supposed to be the people
you look up to for inspiration and help are just going
against the same rules that they say that you should
follow. I know that by signing up for HQ in the corps of
cadets may have been a rash move on my part. I only did it
because two of the most hoo-ah cadets that I had seen were
in this company. Of course I wasn’t thinking that
everything would come to me easy, but I want to be what I
can be. I mean HQ ...or at least color guard and the
rifles set the standard. I like that about this unit
though. It is the best unit to be a part of because you
are setting the standard for the rest of the corps and you
are the core of the corps of cadets. I just don’t agree
with half of the things that the upperclassmen do around
us. They don’t follow the same rules that they try to
enforce on us and maybe they are freshman rules ,but
either way it shouldn’t happen. We as cadet recruits are
not supposed to walk and talk on cell phones. Maybe this
is simply a cadet recruit rule, but I have no idea. The
PDA rule is supposed to apply to everyone. I know this
because I can read the student handbook and the blue book.
For some reason though this isn’t enforced either and it
drives me mad. What makes upperclassmen so special
especially the ones who are only a year ahead of us. They
really just a semester ahead nothing real special. I can
give them the fact that they have been around longer ,but
do they really know more? I mean yes they have earned
their rank and I can respect their rank ,but not when they
are coming down on me for something. It isn’t acceptable.
I today was told by my Cpl that I should fix my hair and
that it wasn’t up to standard at all. I don’t mean to be
rude when I say this ,but in all honesty her hair and the
rest of the upperclassmen do not keep their hair well
kept. I do my best to keep my hair as close to the
standard as possible. Mon, Wed, and Fri I will always have
a problem in the morning with being the most squared away.
I do my best to be as close to the standard as possible,
but it doesn’t always work. I mean I don’t have that much
time for a shower and I haven’t had chow in chow hall on
those days since I have been here. At most I have 10 min
and if lucky 15 min to get to my class. Most of the time I
worry more about going by the canteen and the bookstore to
get food and drink. I know that this should not be
acceptable as a good excuse. In all honesty though I think
that my hair is well kept and better than most girls in
this corps. I have shorter hair than most and it is
layered in an annoying manner. I try though to keep my
hair up. Everyday I gel it back and pin it with hair
clips , not bobby pins, and then I also hair spray it. In
the mornings sometimes I do not have the time for this. I
make sure though that it is off my face off my collar and
as up to standard as I can get it. I see people with more
jacked up hair than mine and I don’t understand why I am
the one being picked out of the crowd and counseled for
it. I do not agree. I do understand that getting an
attitude with my Cpl wasn’t the smartest thing to do. I
was just angry and do not understand why she is picking on
me. Yes, I do feel picked on. I think that it is unfair
because even my roommates hair looks worse than mine. They
like her though. I don’t want to move on to personal
things ,but I feel like it. I don’t really feel necessary
on this units and I don’t understand why the upperclassmen
or my NCO’s don’t understand what I am going through. It
is nothing emotionally though it does affect me
emotionally. I have been to the doctor and since the end
of Frog week I have been having leg problems. I now know
why and that is because I hurt my meniscus..While it hurts
and everything I try to push through it and pretend that
it isn’t happening. I mean I already know that my NCO’s
think that I am weak. I am hurt though and am on profile
and it doesn’t help me to have NCO’s in my ears telling me
to hurry up. They don’t understand the pain that I am
going through and honestly I don’t appreciate it and half
the time I want to be able to tell them to leave me alone
about that because it isn’t fair for them to expect more
of me. I wish I could expect more of myself ,but I can’t.
You probably wonder what this has to do with any of this.
It just means that the other things that I can do such as
ironing or fixing my hair I try to do well. I try to do
the best I can and getting criticized for these things
doesn’t make me happy

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