Elizabeth M.
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2005-08-30 13:14:07 (UTC)


Well, Bill's in town. I told Dave that when he arrives to
call me so I can see him. Bill was my boss when I was with
Banfield the first time around. He helped me threw some
tough times in my crazy out of control life. We were very
close but ....we drifted apart.
I went to visit him on monday night w/Rebecca. Things
didnt go right. At first when I saw him I hugged him and
then when I looked at him I couldnt stop crying. He's been
gone for a good while.Dave and him wanted us to get into
the hot tub w/them, I decide not too. Bill and I started in
to eachother and I started to cry again. As he said he
didnt realize how upset he made me by what he had said. He
was talking about the past. Then he brought up something
that I would never ever would of thought. He asked me if I
remembered that song we sang at the x-mas party, several
years ago. I told him that I knew who sang it but I couldnt
remember the words and asked why? Then he said that he
thought that " I thought it mean something to you casue it
ment something to me", He couldnt see me because it was
dark outside, but Tears filled my eyes and rolled off my
cheeks. Yes, it ment alot to me! Bill and I would sing all
the time at work but this was special to me. The
song...."Angry all the time", you see Bill and I were alike
in many ways, very stubernd, always wanted things there
way, forward, but also very concern about others.
He never knew what happened to our friendship our
closeness, he always wondered. He had invited us up to the
cantana's Wed. On the way home Rebecca noticed that I was
upset and asked, so I layed it all on the table. She
couldnt beleive that I have been keeping all of this inside
for so long. She told me that I needed to tell him and he
was always my rock and shoulder to cry on and he needed to
know cuz he has been wondering what happened to us. So I
wrote a letter to him and I am going to drop it off today.
Bill always ment alot to me. He told me that I was the
second person on his list to call when he got into town, I
felt real good about that.Bill is right, I have missed
him,.. even tho I didnt want to tell him because it would
of got his head a bit bigger.

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