Let's see how long this lasts
2005-08-30 01:41:53 (UTC)

This Weekend: To bad to be in my livejournal

So Uhhhhh.... this weekend... I can't remember everything I
did, simply cause I"m forgetful, but it was fun. At some
point I went by cliff's house to see everyone, but as soon
as I pulled up, everyone left. Boo. Time well spent with
cliff and sutton though. I left to head to Wisconsin's
place to see him and sam and nate and such, but it was
raining so hard and I was exhuasted and then tigerlilly's
check engine light started blaring and I was completely out
of gas, nothing went well and I ended up in the smallest
parking spot I have ever seen. I need to call and explain
why I never showed up. I feel kinda bad about that.
Sorry. I fell asleep but then this weird guy came over for
whitney....... WEIRD... stayed the night without being
invited. I had a smirnoff ice because I'm quite fond of
them. Umm tex came over later drunk and brought pearl with
him... easy one the eyes that one is... tex made some
flavored vodka and crappy diet orange juice mix and made me
drink it even though I had just woken up from yet another
short nap (at this point its around 4:30 or something.)
Now I rarely drink, so don't get to worried aobut me, but
as horrible as that tasted I really liked the warm
feeling. It reminded me of Scarlett O'Hara, don't ask me
why that's ridiculous. Anyway. Ummmm. So Saturday woke up
at like noonish and went to LaGrange to Whit's restaurant
and her mom fed me BBQ mac and cheese and pickles (needless
to say I was in Heaven) Ummmm... we went shopping to avoid
the weird kid.... bleh blah blah... Umm Saturday night I
don't know why but I wanted Jon to stay like he sometimes
does. He said he would if he didn't find any hoes at the
Heaven or Hell party. I don't know how I feel about that
statement. Does that meant that I'm a whore? I don't view
myself this way, and I don't believe he does either, but
still... sketchy statement. Tex, pearl, Temple, Dave, and
Dink all came over drunk as skunks in the middle of the
night shortly before jon arrived and he stayed the night...
tons of fun... lots of family guy. He left for a
cheerleading thing onSunday and I went back to sleep. He
called later and asked me to go to the fair. Now, I
remember that he said he would take me to the fair a long
time ago, but I figured he wouldn't have remmebered and
maybe he didn't, but needless to say, he took me. YAY!!! I
wish it hadn't started raining. Everytime I start to doubt
that Jon cares...that statement sounds weird, but I'm not
gonna post it on livejournal so its not like anyones gonna
read it, so what I mean is sometimes I begin to feel that
I'm just some girl he knows will do whatever with him
anytime, that I'm disillusioned to think that he cares for
me as anything more than just a friend like anyother, but
then he'll let me know that he does care. I mean do get me
wrong. He doesn't want to date me I know this. but I know
that he cares. There are things that I want to say that I
know better than to say... this is confusing to write I
give up.... Anyway... in my head it makes sense... Don't
worry. Somewhere in there I went to Jenna's party... YAY
Jenna...Ummm I just want to say thank you.... Yeah.... That
was my point... I wanted to thank jon for taking me to the
fair. :) it meant a lot to me.....

I'm worried about Lindsey she's in New Orleans I'm gonna
call ehr tonight to see if she made it out or what....
I have to call Dustin... that could be messy...

Dude I think I may have just landed a job at the
library???? WHAT??!?!?!

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