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2005-08-29 22:54:32 (UTC)

the weekend

well, diary i can easily say that this weekend was awesome...

friday-hung with nat...and wow it was awesome...and yes,
diary we did PLENTY it was pretty dirty/hot at the same
time, but i mean once i get to saturdays events, its harder
to remember fridays

saturday-wow it was such a great day! i got to hang with nat
once again...and another hot naked make-out session we
had...yay!! convenient enough for me she was in her pjs so i
didnt need to worry about taking off her bra...still have to
tell her im like fuckin scared to do that and have no
fucking clue why..anyway later we went to dinner with my
family, and by a question that i asked thinking they'd say
no to, my parents let Natalie sleep over at my house

saturday night/sunday- well that night, since i couldnt go
into her room, i talked with her on the phone..thats right i
talked to someone down the hallway on the phone *sigh*
eventually though i walked downstairs to her room to help
her fall asleep...2:30 am i went to bed and I woke up at
5am..then we spent the whole day together on sunday...it was
really nice and i really really really love nat and i mean
the more I am with her the less and less I am scared about
having sex. Because i mean originally i had to be sure that
the person i was going to lose my virginity to was someone i
really really really loved and trusted, and that i was
completely comfortable with them, and i realize that all of
these things hold true for her...so the future looks good.

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