My So Called Life
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2005-08-29 20:32:26 (UTC)

it's been a long time

It's been quite some time since I've updated my diary, and
was going to last week, but then my Internet wasn't working
so this is the first it's worked in a week :D A lot has
happened to me since my last entry .. so, whoever is reading
this, you can either read on and see what happened or go
somewhere else :P

First thing that happened, I went to Tennessee with my
church to Christ In Youth (CIY) for a week which was awesome
(went July 16-23.)

Shortly after, I started school (can someone say Junior
year?) :P My list is as follows..

Algbera 2
English Honors 3
Spanish 1
American History
Criminal Justice 3

Oh yes, 'tis a fun, fun schedule

For the Spanish speakers - Hola. Como estas? Me llamo Jen.
Tengo cafe pelo y garzo ojos.

For those that don't speak Spanish, I said, "Hi. How are
you? My name is Jen. I have brown hair and hazel eyes."

Oh yes, and TJ is at my school, but don't really care about
him anymore. :P

G2G, more later

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