Cokepop for the Smartnessment
2005-08-29 05:05:02 (UTC)


I dunno that just sounded like a mushy pillow type sound
which sounds quite comfy. Only also odd. Whatever. So I'm
really tired. And pathetic. Man oh man. So a quick over

So yesterday (Saturday)- I worked from noon till 7:30 and
people just kept pissing me off and like wow. I hate sales
SO bad. Especially since everything in our stupid store
seems to be some percent off and IT NEVER FREAKING SHOWS
annoyed and I was just like screw it I don't care if
you're lying to me I'll just give it to you anyways
because I don't care anymore. So I pretty much was
counting down the seconds to my lunch break so I could
finally get away from stupid people. Like wow was I ever
sick of people. Wheew. So as soon as my break hit I just
went outside down sorta by the library and there was a
picnic table so I just sat there and it was nice and
secluded. Then this lady who was eating her lunch came up
and sat kinda near me but not on the picnic table and she
started talking to me and I actually had a great time
talking with her. We were talking about how beautiful the
stars are and everything and how its so comforting and
cool that how you can look up at the stars and see the big
dipper or whatever and you know that somewhere else
somebody's looking up at the exact same night sky and
seeing the same things as you. And it just makes you feel
closer to the rest of the world. Like wow. I don't think
I've ever really talked to somebody who quite felt as much
about that as I did. Like its just such a cool thing. And
we were talking about the northern lights and how that
night you were gonna be able to see mars by the moon. So I
totally wanted to do that. Then we finally had to go
because our breaks were over. I just ended up quickly
eating a granola bar for lunch. Then back to work and
annoying people. It wasn't too bad. Although I for sure
couldn't wait until 7:30 when I got off. lol. Then my mom
picked me up and told me Annette had phoned and wanted me
to sleepover. So I talked to Annette and I was going to be
carpooling with Jacqui after I had my supper of steak and
whatnot becuase my family had put off dinner for me. So we
had dinner and I got ready to go to Annettes and then
after we were done eating Jacqui and Trevor came and got
me and drove me out to Annettes and we hung out there for
a bit reading magazines, playing gamecube and then we
played a card game that Jan taught them and then we got
bored of that because it was being dumb and then we taught
Jacqui how to play spitspeed. Then we pretty much got
ready for bed and whatnot and I painted my toes because
the old nailpolish was coming off and whatnot. Then we got
to bed a bit after 1 I think. hehe.

Sunday (today)- I woke up a bit before 8 I think and then
I had a shower and got ready and then I woke up Jacqui and
Annette and we all got ready and then we left for church.
Church was pretty good. lol we were eating frootloops
because we're just that cool. Sarah, Alex, Grant and John
were there too. But only me, Jacqui, Annette and Scott sat
in Youth Corner. So yeah. Then after church we hung out
and then my aunt drove me to work and I was at the mall
entrance with Shachi. It wasn't too bad of a day. Nothing
extrordinary to report on. Only apparently Jenna, Dustin
and Laura were totally gone at the party last night. And
Chantelle and some others were pretty wasted. I'm kinda
sad I missed it but whatever. So yeah. I got my usual
salad from Grandma Lees for lunch and hmmm...I got off at
6. And then I got changed and went to church. My mother
drove me to the church and dropped me off and then Scott
came and we were hanging around waiting for people to
come. In the end there was 7 of us. Me, Kayla, Jacqui,
Scott, Jenn, Erik and then Annette met us at the church.
Me, Kayla, Jacqui and Jenn all squished in the back of
Scott's little mustang car. It was honestly CRAZY. We were
so glad Grant didn't show up because that would have been
pretty bad. But yeah it was crazy. And then I realized how
tired I was and it was so hard to stay awake during the
service. Like it was good. I just hate how they dim the
audience lights. Like it makes me so sleepy everytime
because its so dark and you just wanna fall asleep and its
so hard to stay awake. If it was light I'd probably have
an easier time staying awake. So yeah. Then after we went
and hung out at McDonalds and pretty much had late supper.
haha I got a strawberry milkshake and fries. Then we
squished back into Scott's car and he dropped us off at
Olivet. Then Erik drove home, Jenn rode her bike home and
Jacqui and I got a ride with Kayla because I'm sleeping
over at Kayla's (which is where I am right now). So yes.
We dropped Jacqui off and went to my house to pick up my
stuff and now I'm here. We've pretty much hung out and
lazed around and I checked my e-mail and whatnot and she
cleaned up some of her room and we started a new skirt for
her out of an old pair of torn up jeans. And now we're
pretty much getting ready to go to bed because we have to
be at school tomorrow at 7:30. But now we're talking about
the bible and stuff like that. It's actually pretty cool.
We were talking about dinosaurs just a minute ago and how
wierd it is that there would also be people around. Then
we thought about how the dinosaurs could have been the
serpent. Because the serpent was doomed eternally and so
when Noah and the ark came around then the dinosaurs
wouldn't have fit and since they were doomed they'd be
left to die. I dunno. I'm pretty tired and now we're
talking about Noah's son Hamm and how he was cursed. haha.
Anyways goodnight.
School registration tomorrow EARLYYYY!!AHHH!


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