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2005-08-29 00:13:45 (UTC)

So i started dating this guy..

So i started dating this guy named kyle. He was a reallie
nice guy a little weird and all but what is weird anyways
people think im weird. he told me he loved me then i told
him i loved him (ya stupid i know)he has like six differant
peicings in his ears and his lip like in the middle i dont
know what you call it and both his nipples. and he has a
red and blue mohalk. its kewl. i thought things were going
reallie good then he said " i reallie did think i loved
you, im sorrie" then he said he didnt want to lose me as a
friend and all that crap, ya right friends, sure.but
whatever. Me and justin are closer then ever now and i dont
know why its kinda weird. so my brother is dating this
chick named candace. shes such a stoner, not that i have a
problem with it cause ya used to be a total stoner but she
lives with me now too and apperantly she wants to kick my
ass or at least thats what my brother said. whatever.i told
ian off, i feel bad about it but he need to hear it.
Danielle came over not last night but the night before, i
dont know why we are such good friends it seems weird we
shouldnt be it sounds so weird her being Ians girlfriend
and all, but anyways getting back to my point she came over
the other night and Ian was supposed to come over after
work but then he phoned and said he stopped at Camiles for
a beer so Danielle said so ur not coming over then and he
was like i dont think so not tonight. so on the way back to
Daneilles cause i was sleeping there we stopped at Camiles
and when we were leaving Ian gave me a hug and i said it
was real nice of you to come see your kid so now hes all
pissed off at me so whatever. I cant talk to Richelle about
anything right now shes to wrapt up in her own thing, dont
get me wrong i understand she has stuff she needs to figure
out. whisers is quickly becoming my new drink of choice. i
died half of my hair, the underneath part is now like a
neon hot pink colour, its awesome. my birthday is coming up
its next weekend, i dont even know what im doing yet, i
dont think im reallie going to do anything besides Richelle
is going away with Aaron so whatever. so everyone expects
me to be all happy and everything all the time like im
supposed to be fine yeah right. im not even compleatly over
ian yet and i did reallie like kyle then he broke up with
me, but none of this is supposed to bug me. well thats all
for now gotta go adrians crying.
foreever falling: Meagan. R.

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