An inconcluded life
2005-08-28 13:35:17 (UTC)

get a grip

27.03.2005 (skrevet 04:05 27.03.2005) - For venner
Det har jo vaert lenge siden siste gangen jeg skrevet her.
But what is the reason for this absence from cyberspace? I
guess I've just been severely overwhelmed with the number
of things I decided to get engaged with in order to not

To not think. Is that actually possible? Can the human mind
disengage from the simple and automatic task of thought?
No. It can't. The more you try not to think, the more you
do it.

So I've just spent the past year (literally speaking!!)
doing stuff to avoid thought. I can't say I have not had
some time to think cuz then I'd be lying. But I've quite
accomplished my goal. Do stuff so time goes by quickly. And
it has gone by quickly indeed!!! It seems like it was just
yesterday that I had gotten off that plane in Oslo. And
even more close the day I hoped back on it after that
amazing summer.

Yeah, I know I logged in my visit in spring. I just did not
do the one in summer. But heck it was the best summer of my
life. Or to be more close to the facts, it was just one
heck of a great summer. After that I just came back and
started working hard. Almost as hard as a plantation slave
under the wicked eye of the master. I have achieved most of
the goals I had planned. In a bit less than a year.

Today I feel proud of myself. I wonder what would have
happened had Geir or Bjornar not come my way. Chances are
these words would not have been written here. So even if
they don't really know it, I am truly grateful to them. For
their time, patience and words of hope. Amazingly, I am
about to complete my biggest dream... I just don't want to
say it right now. I want to wait until the time comes and
it actually comes true. Then I will be able to sit and say
everything I need to say and write what I have been meaning
to write for several years now.

Cheers for a great year, for an amazingly exciting short
termed future.