Autum's Leaves
2005-08-28 07:38:23 (UTC)

Young and Overexerted.

.... I'm very very tired. It's three in the morning. I
have to get up in four hours.

My roommate and I are in a fight...well, at least a,
we're-not-talking fight, so in essance, we aren't fighting,
but we are.


Been talking to guys and guys and more guys. The Boarder
and I were supposed to hook up the other night, but
surprise surprise he didn't call, which didn't offend me or
anything. He never calls. So I didn't mind, besides it's
his loss. For the past two nights he im-ed me telling me
how badly he needed me and the night I can get down there
he dosen't call.


Going to visit my friends in Greensboro soon, and I am
very excited about that. Thank god I can get out of here
for awhile.

Trained the new guy and girl at work, they're both very
cool. He's cute, got a good smile. I'm not attracted to him
though, which is good. I watched out cute pro walk into the
shop today, dripping with sweat, shirt sticking all over
him, lifts up his shirt, abs shining...*sigh* I had to hold
myself back.

So...there's a story I want to tell, but I can't tell
it, mostly because things will be revealed to an extent I
do not want them to be, but the general idea of it was that
I was scared shitless today by something and it was no
longer a laughing matter.

Whatever to my vaugeness.

Regardless, I think one of my guys is coming to visit
this Mon. He im-ed me completely's a trend that
most of my friends do that now. I don't know why, all I do
is laugh at them. Anyways, I digress, one was supposed to
come up here tonight, but I was like...dude I need my sleep
and whatnot, so here I am not sleeping. haha. I suck.

All right...had to write.