Lunactic Scriptures
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2005-08-28 03:39:40 (UTC)

Intellectual Property

Why oh Why?

things are so shitty:

Good&Bad, Bad&Wrong, Wrong&Right

all i'm tryin too do is make it too the light. but some of
us would rather end it all and just die.

I'm tired of shit.

but i got a good 60 some years left till i can finally get
outta town and take a permanent vacation.
So what route do i take?
i got like 50 different people telling me how too go
different roads too the same destination but they say that
the other guy is lying too me. (just gotta keep climbing)


i feel like i up and got shot in the head, and now i'm
dead, gettin fed
too the birds and rats in the streets in the gutter. as my
soul stands watchin, i begin too shake and shudder.
so cold and i don't know which way i should go.
and nobodies willing too help an invisible man who they
can't hear screaming in their faces as they run around
their fast paced rat races.
all i got is this book that i took from my Dad's ex-
girlfriend, telling me how too make it too the end.
I'll try to understand what this 6th grade writings are
trying too teach me me, but one things for sure that
whatever comes my way i'll stand and face it all and never
turn too flee.

So what do i put down on the scriptures on human history
of what i did. Not sure what to do cuz it's really up too
you. And who am i too tell you that your right or your
wrong? All i got is this song and pray too God that it all
makes sence to everyone.

I love my mom and dad for everything they've done for me
and i hope too cherish their works and words for the rest
of eternity.
Don't ask me what too do cuz i just don't know, but ask me
for advice and i'll pour and overflow with information of
all that i've been and all that i've seen and all that
i've heard and hope that you read and listen too His word.
Cuz from what i learned is that it IS the way too go
and i pray that nobody that i love will shake and stager
before time hits zero.


Well i'm almost done and i've tied my tounge
too the bottom of the cross which i know won't lead me too
the lost cuz i love Him and everything He's ever done for
you and me. Right now i hope that this is the shakey start
too something where i can reach too millions more so that
they can too see what i'm trying too say. All i want? just
too lay down and smile and hear those trumpets playin as i
cruise on down and hop out too see Saint Pete come and
greet me with a smile and a pass to the most happenin
place around where nobody can frown cuz all of those
inside are their too be down too the One too the man who
took our faults and made it righteous with the fella who
started it all. So come on people lets ride on down that
narrow path. Fuck science and math cuz even if that's
success it'll never make up for what we all got too really
learn cuz one thing's for sure i damn don't wanna burn.


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