robot talk. bleepity bloop.
2005-08-27 06:06:21 (UTC)

"you either did this on purpose, or you are stupid at spelling"

I used to play this game in my head
if four red cars drive by in the next 5 minutes, it would mean that you loved
me but just didnt know it yet.

and when 4 red cars didnt go by, i ammended the terms, and made it three. I
allowed all colors in the red family to count. I once allowed purple for
perception's sake. Some people are color blind, you know.

the instant you die, i imagine ill know
ill feel it somewhere in my chest even if youre miles and miles away
and in that instant ill know that i have exactly 18 years left in my own tangled
life. 18 without you.

i imagine we floated around somewhere before we were born
and one of us kept running away from the other for eternity
youve always been a better runner
and its a wonder we ever ended up in new jersey

everyone needs a you that they think about during love songs
a you to make them understand how sad movies work
youre every leading man. the strong ones with the deep voices. volatile and
irresistable and eternally aloof.

You like to play this game in my head
if four red cars drive by in the next five minutes, then i've loved you all along
more than anyone has ever loved another.
and then you stop the car at a red light.

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